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Loud Bicycle Horn Reviews

No car is gonna hear our bike bells. This sucker is LOUD. One nice honk of the horn and that car stopped in. its. tracks. So, within a day of the horn arriving, I consider it having paid for itself.

Caitlin, Louisiana
Loud since May 2015

Peter Callerfelt, Stockholm Sweden

The sound pressure is simply insane, enough to wake the dead. Thanks to LoudBicycle, as a cyclist, I finally have a voice in the busy city traffic in Stockholm. It makes me feel more level with the motorists instead of just ignored or ridiculed with my bike bell... I simply love my new LoudBicycle horn!

Loud since May 2015

Nelson Strasser, Scottsdale, AZ

I find my LOUD horn indispensable. Even on the bike trails, walkers and joggers with earbuds and music do not hear bicycle bells, but do hear my LOUD horn. Whenever I go to my bike shop, I ask everyone in the store if they want to hear my horn; they always do, and they are always impressed.

When I decided to buy the horn, I thought: you are poor, can you afford this horn? And, I decided, that, yes, the horn was expensive, but then, how much is my life worth? So, I bought it, and I have no regrets. Rather, I am grateful to have it.

Loud since Mar 2019

Jennifer Sharpe, Santa Monica, CA

I've had my first two real world honks and love the horn. I'm in a car city on an electric bike so it's very useful. The honk is loud but not menacing, I was able to honk and give a friendly wave through an iffy intersection. By contrast, the Zounds air horn I have on my other bike tends to piss people off with its slightly more aggressive edge. I also love the ease of use with the button. I'm very happy with it. Will be bringing it with me on vacation, back to the Loud Mini homeland of Massachusetts next week as I ship my bike off for a month in Cape Cod. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Loud since Apr 2019

Steve Brien, Seattle, WA

I've meant to write and thank you for making your Mini Horn. I rarely feel a need to use it, but it has definitely saved my butt on several occasions. And not because I ride fast (average speed 9 mph), or recklessly (60+ years of cycling and zero collisions).

Loud since Aug 2018

Lukas Johnson, Cambridge MA

I couldn't believe how loud it is, it is amazing you can get that kind of volume out of this small package. It makes me feel much safer.

Loud since Jan 2017

Jason Kershon, New York, NY

Thanks Loud Bicycle, I purchased the Loud Mini in October 2018, It's proven itself a huge safety improvement over traditional bicycle bells/horns, especially on the congested streets of NYC. Through all seasons, exposed to cold/heat rain, the Loud Mini works great to this day.

Loud since Oct 2018

David Torres, New York City

When I honked the Loud Bicycle horn an MTA bus driver stopped immediately and let me pass safely. The Loud Bicycle horn is the best product I have purchased for my bicycle.

Loud since May 2015

Ty Smith, San Francisco

One time a cab driver merged over into my lane, ignoring me. When I hit the horn button he immediately merged back. I like the Loud Bicycle horn so much that I have it on my Xtracycle and also on my Bike Friday Tikit.

Loud since May 2015

Matthew Carty, Boston, MA

People driving aren't going to hear a bell, when hear a horn they stop and wait for you to get clear.

Loud since Dec 2015

Dan de Angeli, Boston, MA

I am really liking my new Loud Mini, I feel much safer with it riding. There are certain routes in Boston that are very scary and my Loud Bicycle horn is the biggest safety feature.

Loud since May 2015

Laura Van Loh, Los Angeles

I'm soooooo glad I have the horn. I tell everyone about it and demo it non-stop. I use it daily and it has truly saved my life. Thank you for creating it! It's AWESOME!!!!!!

Loud since May 2015

Steven Rothwell, Indonesia

There's a particular t-junction where motorbikes and cars pull out of. I used to yell out in Indonesia “watch out!” and hold my hand up, but often they would still pull out. Now they automatically stop when they hear the horn, even though they can still see I'm just on a bike.

Loud since Dec 2014

Beta Tester Gregory, New York City

I love the horn. My finger hovers over the button instinctively when I see obstructions ahead. It has made me much more confident biking in traffic, I feel I suddenly have the power to make drivers truly aware of me. It really seems like a natural thing, something that all bikes ought to have.

Loud since Apr 2013

Captain David Hare, Florida

This amazing Horn has saved me several times already! I live in an area with 90+ year old's still driving who are utterly blind and clueless and should NOT be driving. The horn is better that expected and I am very, very seldom able to say that a product exceeds my expectations. Well Done Team!

Loud since Dec 2014

Nicholas Davi, Sydney Australia

It is the only product I have found on the market that drivers of cars and trucks alike will respond to. Outstanding design, and easy to use. My first one stopped working after a few weeks. I contacted Jonathan and without a doubt the best handled return of any product I know. No questions, quick response replacement sent quickly. Perfect customer service!

Loud since Feb 2014

Anonymous Roger, Houston

Loud Bicycle horn already saved my neck, by making a car clear where I was riding. As it turned out, that driver was drunk, and they came perilously close to hitting me. I scared them off with the horn. I might not be here but for the horn.

Loud since Dec 2014

Caitlin the Eco Cajun, Louisiana

No car is gonna hear our bike bells. This sucker is LOUD. One nice honk of the horn and that car stopped in. its. tracks. So, within a day of the horn arriving, I consider it having paid for itself.

Loud since May 2015

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