The Loud Bicycle Game

The Loud Bicycle Game

We’re thrilled to unveil… The Loud Bicycle Game!

Dive into the world of cycling and navigate the daily challenges we face. Ever wanted to explain the biking experience to someone who just doesn’t get it? This is your new go-to! Experience, educate, shock – we don’t judge anyone who laughs…

A huge shoutout to our amazing partners in this adventure. Kieran Farr from 3DStreet brought the immersive 3D world to life, and Florian Isikci from Vhite Rabbit tackled the game dynamics.

Let’s pedal together into a future where everyone understands the cyclist’s journey, because it’s not just a game, it’s about sparking a change in perspective and laying the tracks for a future where streets are safer and brilliantly bike-filled.


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