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Laura Van Loh, Los Angeles

I use it daily and it has truly saved my life.

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David Torres, New York City

When I honked the Loud Bicycle horn an MTA bus driver stopped immediately and let me pass safely.

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Caitlin the Eco Cajun, Louisiana

This sucker is LOUD. That car stopped in. its. tracks.

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Our Loud Bicycle horns sound like car horns

About Us

We began with 600 backers on Kickstarter in 2013 and are based in Boston Massachusetts and Austin Texas.

Our mission at Loud Bicycle is to increase safety for people biking. Our products give more people the confidence to bike, ultimately resulting in a cleaner environment and more livable cities.

Founder Jonathan Lansey is lead engineer, Chris Owens is lead industrial designer. Landis Masnor is Customer Engagement Coordinator, Allison Johnston is art director and Robert Riegel is Marketing Operations Manager.

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