The Loud Bicycle Horn sounds just like a car horn and it is just as loud too. To get one when the second batch is ready, pre-order below.

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Watch the video below or read about our horns in Wired Magazine

We want biking on roads to be safer

Cycling on roads can be frightening and dangerous. This horn prevents accidents by alerting motorists with a familiar sound, and gives more people the confidence to travel by bike.

Why does it work?

Drivers react to car horns before they even look. A driver that gets beeped at while backing out of a driveway, or entering traffic will immediately brake. These kinds of reflexive reactions are perfect to keep cyclists safe.

Some motorists don't realize that their driving habits can be dangerous for cyclists. Drivers will learn to be more aware of cyclists after a Loud Bicycle horn is honked at them.

Loud Bicycle Horn button


How it Works

The Loud Bicycle Horn is designed to sound just like a car horn. With both high and low notes it is even more perceptible than louder horns that only have a single note.

Honking with your thumb is easy and won't interfere with braking. The button attaches easily to either handlebar and the wire plugs into the bottom of the case.

The horns are easy to install but security bolts make it difficult to remove. The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack is light and powerful. With regular use, a single charge will last for 1-2 months.

Loud Bicycle Horn on a bike

Photo by Kim Bokeh.


Product Specs

  • Water resistant, you can use it in the rain
  • Loudness and pitch: just like a typical car horn
  • Honk duration: up to 30 seconds straight, but please be respectful
  • Batteries: Mini USB rechargeable, lithium batteries that will last 1-2 months
  • Dimensions: 6x4.5x4 inches at its widest extent
  • Weight: Less than 23 ounces
  • Patent pending

If you have any questions about the specs, shoot us an email


Will it fit on my bicycle frame?
The Loud Bicycle horn can fit a wide variety of frame sizes and shapes. It can attach to either the top tube or the down tube. The location on the tube where it is attached must be no more than 1.5 inches wide and no more than 1.8 inches in height. The tube need not be circular, the rubber shims will provide a tight fit for a variety of shapes and also protect the paint.

What are the protections from theft?
The Loud Bicycle horn is locked onto your bike with security bolts. The special tool needed to remove them is hard to come by so your horn will be safe. We’ll include the tool in the package so you can install the horn.

Will drivers look for a car?
Drivers recognize car horns. The reaction is instantaneous and occurs before they even look for a threat. Our hope is that each encounter will provide the opportunity for drivers to develop a sharper awareness of the cyclists traveling alongside them.

Are horns on bicycles legal?
The Loud Bicycle horn is legal everywhere in the US except for libraries. Often whistles and sirens are prohibited on bicycles because they are used by the police.

Is the horn ok for ears?
The Loud Bicycle horn is completely safe for normal use. The two-note design is more perceptible than other louder horns with a single note. Prolonged exposure, or honking while ears are very close to the horn casing, will cause hearing damage. We strongly suggest that you not honk like a Mass Hole.



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