The simple idea that revolutionized biking

New York Times

"For years bicyclists’ only defenses were bright clothing, [lights] and the cheery ching-ching of a traditional bicycle bell. Now that’s changing."

Wired Magazine

"Solution is ingenious: Equip bikes with something drivers will recognize."


"Give cyclists an edge in hazardous streets."

Bicycling Magazine

"Nothing will make someone hop out of the way quite like the shrill honk of a car’s horn."


Our story

The idea for Loud Bicycle was born on an ordinary day in 2012 when Loud Bicycle founder Jonathan Lansey was biking to work and, suddenly, a car swerved to cut in front of him. His instincts told him to honk—after all, that’s what he’d do if he were in his car. But no bicycles had horns back then. He felt powerless in that moment, knowing there was no reliable way to communicate with the person driving dangerously.

But the honking instinct gave Jonathan an idea: what if there were a bike horn that sounded like a car horn? A horn like that would get the attention of people who drive and make biking safer. After six months of furious prototyping, Jonathan and a small team launched a Kickstarter project and 600 people saw the product’s potential and joined the cause. Thanks to these backers, Loud Bicycle was born.

In the years that followed Loud Bicycle horns have been featured in Bicycling magazine, WIRED magazine, Fast Company and twice in the New York Times. Loud Bicycle released a miniaturized Loud Bicycle horn called the Loud Mini after a second successful Kickstarter campaign.

Loud Bicycle horns make biking safer, ultimately contributing to healthier communities, cleaner environments, and more livable cities. However, Loud Bicycle horns are only one aspect of bike safety and accessibility. Advocacy is central to the Loud Bicycle mission so Loud Bicycle supports initiatives to improve biking policies and infrastructure.

Loud Mini Kickstarter video

Early Loud Classic video

Loud Bicycle team

We are based in Boston, MA and Austin TX. We build our horns in New England.

Jonathan Lansey

Founder and Lead Engineer

Loud since Dec 2012

Chris Owens

Lead Industrial Designer

Loud since Dec 2012

Allison Johnston

Art Director

Loud since Dec 2012

Joseph Genovese

Electrical Engineering

Loud since Jan 2015

Yurij Lojko

Web Slinger

Loud since Aug 2017

Mieko Watanabe

Marketing and Communications

Loud since Feb 2021

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