Loud Bicycle Horn on Amazon

Loud Bicycle Amazon listing with unexplainably wrong image forced on it by Amazon.

We are excited to have our Loud Mini bicycle horn listed on Amazon – but Amazon decided to replace our image of the horn with a potato quality copy of a mediocre Vermeer painting. Apparently they have confused something about the UPCs so we’ve uploaded our UPC certificates at the links below; as well as some information that should help the robots at Amazon clear up their incredible mistake here.

We are hoping to get this image problem resolved quickly after which you will finally be able to buy the Loud Mini on Amazon! But note that you can still buy the Loud Mini horn any day on our website and benefit from domestic 2-Day USPS Priority Mail shipping; with ship days being Tuesday and Friday.

GTIN: 195893393275
Brand Name: Loud Bicycle
Product Name: Loud Mini Bicycle horn with car horn sound, made in the USA, 4 mo. rechargeable battery
Product Description: The Loud Mini bicycle horn honks with the same dual-tones as cars, with enough sound power to cut through heavy windows and even the loudest music.


GTIN: 195893163175
Brand Name: Loud Bicycle
Product Name: Loud Mini Security Bolts for use with Loud Mini Horn with Car Horn Sound
Product Description: Leave your Loud Mini horn securely on your bike with special security screws. These come with the special tool needed to install and remove the screws.


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