How Loud Bicycle became a road safety town

A few months ago we had a mysterious problem, people started calling our office phone number and asking us to help tune-up their bikes. We love to help folks with their bikes but the problem is that our factory is in New Hampshire and people were calling our coworking office in downtown Boston – which looks like this:

Loud Bicycle headquarters, Boston MA

We had to figure out how the public found our number and get them to call us about bike horns instead 🙏 after some investigation we discovered people were finding us on Google Maps, where we were automatically listed as a bike shop! We tried changing our category to an “amazing-bicycle-products-that-will-change-your-life shop” but Google forced us to select from only a few categories. We were stuck for a while, wondering what could be done. Pressured to choose from limited options available, we thought “Road Safety Town” was the best fit, even though we still have no idea what it actually is. And so we’d like to warmly welcome you to the newly established Loud Bicycle Road Safety Town!!! 🎊
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