Skunk-works project: Automated rear-facing honks 🔊

We want to share very exciting progress on a super hi-tech project that we’ve been working on for a couple years together with Brandon Gilles (see him and his kids biking below). We have mostly been just dreaming, but Brandon and his team have been hard at work and all the pieces are finally starting to come together!

The idea is – protect people biking from people driving behind them by warning the person biking; and if necessary – automatically honking at the person driving with a rear-facing Loud Bicycle horn! This future product will be called the “commute guardian”

This crazy amazing futuristic technology is made possible by OpenCV AI Kit D-Lite, a tiny artificial intelligence powered depth-sensing system. Brandon is launching this on Kickstarter, the same way we started back in the day – and they are live as of this post! They already blew past their goal but the more support they get for OAK D-Lite the more resources they can apply towards bike safety applications and the sooner we’ll get a Loud-Bicycle powered “Commute Guardian”

Very excited for our high-tech enabled safety future!

Be Safe, Be Loud, Be Good!

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